Vista - Novocol Pharma


Cambridge, Ontario



Completion Date

January 20, 2022

Ensuring Timely Completion in Pharmaceutical Construction

In our capacity as installers for this project, seamless collaboration with our contractor was paramount to meeting deadlines. The selection of panels was meticulously tailored to fulfill stringent fire-resistant requirements inherent in pharmaceutical applications. Leveraging a crane, we strategically maneuvered and installed the towering 47-foot panels from various access points around the building.

Navigating Constraints through Collaboration

Operating within confined spaces and limited equipment accessibility posed unique challenges. Hence, fostering a cohesive partnership with both the contractor and neighboring businesses became imperative. Through synchronized efforts and effective communication, we orchestrated a harmonious workflow, maximizing efficiency despite spatial constraints.

A Testament to Teamwork

The successful completion of this project underscores the significance of cohesive teamwork in overcoming logistical hurdles. By aligning our efforts with the contractor and engaging neighboring businesses, we not only delivered on time but also ensured the seamless integration of fire-resistant panels essential for pharmaceutical safety standards. Moving forward, this collaborative approach stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and underscores our ability to navigate complexities with agility and efficiency.

final installation - Vista - Novocol Pharma
Efficient collaboration and precise panel selection met pharmaceutical requirements, enabling timely installation of 47-foot panels using strategic crane maneuvers.
Work in progress - Vista - Novocol Pharma
In tight spaces, collaboration with the contractor and neighbors ensured efficient workflow.
Vista - Novocol Pharma
Our project's success stems from teamwork with the contractor and local partners, highlighting our commitment to excellence and adaptability.


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