Industrial IMP Solutions

Industrial Insulated Metal Panels for Peak Performance

Industrial IMP Solutions

Industrial Insulated Metal Panels for Peak Performance

Industrial IMP Solutions

Industrial Insulated Metal Panels for Peak Performance

Experience Industry-Leading Installation: Safety, Speed, Superior Quality

At Cold Room Construction, we excel in IMP installations, delivering exceptional exteriors and roofs with unmatched precision. Our unwavering commitment to safety ensures a secure environment. Streamlined processes and expert crews enable rapid installations, reducing downtime and accelerating timelines. Witness flawless execution and seamless integration, setting new standards for craftsmanship.

Partner with us to unlock your project's full potential, elevating safety standards and enjoying unmatched efficiency. Contact our dedicated team today to embark on an exceptional installation journey. Discover the CRC Advantage: Safety, Speed, Superior Quality. Elevate your industrial project.

Our Industrial Works

Vertical Insulated Metal Panel Wall

Cold Room Construction Limited’s Commitment

Safety Above All

CRC prioritizes job site safety with an impeccable track record and minimal downtime. Our dedicated National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) at our Everett headquarters ensures compliance with industry guidelines. Proud members of the prestigious Certificate of Recognition program, we uphold safety as our core value. Elevate safety standards with CRC and experience a secure work environment.

Unmatched Speed

Cold Room Construction Limited sets the pace with unrivaled installation speed, making us the premier installer of high-efficiency industrial building envelopes. Our use of insulated metal panels (IMPs) allows for complete projects with a single trade pass, backed by a unified warranty. Enjoy superior results compared to traditional methods.

Efficiency that Saves

Experience significant cost savings on industrial projects with CRC. Our streamlined processes reduce camp costs by requiring fewer tradespeople onsite. This not only saves money but also expedites project timelines. By reducing labor needs by up to 50%, CRC mitigates onsite risks.

Uncompromising Quality

CRC's highly trained and experienced teams, led by expert foremen and managers, deliver exceptional craftsmanship. From pre-design collaboration utilizing BIM & CAD systems to meticulous site cleanup, our commitment to quality shines throughout every stage of your project.

Elevate Your Industrial Project with Insulated Metal Panels

Cold Room Construction's extensive 40+ years of experience in installing Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) has propelled us to offer superior quality that matches our own standards. Originally designed for cold storage industries, IMPs have evolved into eco-efficient, sustainable, and high-quality building envelope solutions for industrial applications. With a wide array of options in size, color, texture, and thickness, TDI's team of IMP product specialists will guide you in selecting, sourcing, and planning the perfect solution for your project.

Discover the safer, higher-performing, and cost-effective advantages of Cold Room Construction’s insulation service for your next industrial endeavor. Contact our nearest office today and unlock the potential of your project.


CRC has always recognizes our clients and partners as part of Our Team.  Every project is performed with open communication. We believe in having a mutual respect with our clients provides the groundwork for our success.

Insulated Metal Panel Install customer
Insulated Metal Panel Install customer
Insulated Metal Panel Install customer
Insulated Metal Panel Install customer

Our Other Offerings

Architectural IMP Solution

Enhance your building's facade with our bespoke insulated metal panels that merge form with function, offering energy savings and sleek design.

Commercial IMP Solution

Elevate your commercial space with our robust insulated panel systems, designed for long-lasting performance and efficient temperature management.

Cold Storage Solution

Our cold storage installations prioritize energy-efficient insulation, safeguarding perishables with stable, low temperatures in a cost-effective manner.

Pre-Construction Services

We provide detailed project analysis, ensuring a strategic approach to design, budgeting, and scheduling for successful construction outcomes.


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