Alliston, Ontario



Completion Date

October 16, 2022

CRC Tackles Walk-In Cooler Construction

Undertaking a crucial endeavor, CRC spearheaded the construction of a walk-in cooler at the new LCBO in Alliston, Ontario. This involved seamlessly integrating vertical camlock Insulated Metal Panels (IMP) and sliding cooler doors, ensuring a swift and trouble-free project completion.

Expertise in Single Room Cooler Construction

Drawing upon our extensive experience in constructing single-room coolers, the CRC team approached the project with precision and efficiency. Our specialized skills and knowledge enabled us to execute the installation seamlessly, guaranteeing optimal functionality and durability of the walk-in cooler.

Efficiency and Reliability

By utilizing vertical camlock IMP panels and sliding cooler doors, we streamlined the construction process, encountering no significant challenges along the way. The inherent efficiency of building single-room coolers, coupled with our team's proficiency, ensured a timely and successful project completion.

Enhancing Commercial Convenience

The construction of the walk-in cooler at LCBO Alliston enhances operational efficiency and convenience for staff and customers alike. Delivering a high-quality cooling solution, CRC continues its commitment to excellence in commercial construction.

As the project concluded on October 16, 2022, CRC solidified its position as a trusted partner in delivering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of commercial clients like LCBO, ensuring their ongoing success and customer satisfaction.

LCBO Alliston manufacturing
Door Panel
Panel under progress


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